School is recognized by sociologists and social psychologists as second to family; as an agent of socialization. School provides climate and process where children are introduced and ‘’indoctrinated’’ into appropriate behavior expected by the society in which they live. School provides knowledge of past and present, vocational skills, exposure to values and cultural attitude through


The reasons why education is important is so important to know because of how so many take education for granted. Many people, mostly children, do not understand that education is a privilege. They do not understand that even today there are some people/countries that do not have the right to go to school or going


Objectives of Education

Education is as important as food. Without education, survival in this world is not possible. Centuries ago, the holy prophet revealed the first verse which stated that man must read in the name of ALLAH Who created this world. He (PBUH) said ‘That a man giving a liberal education to his child, is better for

Non-formal education is the process of learning outside the formal education institutions, mainly for the college dropouts. The main emphasis in such programs is on ‘’employability’’ and the ability of the individual to cope successfully with the demands of his environment. In other words, emphasise is laid on education not because the society wants to

In ancient Greek city states much importance was given to physical fitness along with the mental capabilities of a person. Through ages it has been proved time and again that co-curricular activities are as important in mental and physical growth of a person as formal education. What benefits can be achieved through co-curricular activities? Through

Making notes is a very essential part of studying. It is a way of expressing information and knowledge in a way that suits your tastes. But taking notes is a skillful task that requires practice and experience and a bit of talent. That is why some of your classmates have better note taking skills than

Education is a Latin word which means learning something new, acquiring new characters or new habits. The process of learning starts as one open eye in this world and continues until one’s death. One type of education is imparted at home which involves the transfer of culture and skills which are necessary to survive in

Introduction: Over the last ten years many studies have focused on children’s difficulties with reading. Oakhill pointed out difficulty in understanding and remembering the text .In his study good comprehends did well on faculty, literal and infer type question than poor comprehends. Identifying the difficulties in reading comprehension is not the only consideration of researcher

As a matter of fact, the term homework is misleading. Homework is not always meant for home; it may be done at home or elsewhere, even in the school. Homework is a thing which is meant to be done outside the timetabled curriculum but not necessarily at home; which contains an element of independent study

Books were intended to be entertainment when there was no television. I feel as though television has replaced books. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with television, in my opinion, books are still a very important aspect in the child’s development and for their education. Children need books in their lives and below are the

It is no secret that education is very important in today’s society. At one point in time education was a luxury and not everyone had the opportunity to complete their education. There were various reasons for them not completing their education but those reasons are very different than today’s reasons. Listed below are the 7

Who are public speakers? They are people just like you and me. Speakers are wonderful people. People who are more experienced than us in different fields of life. They have gone through different experiences and along the way, have learnt a multitude of different lessons on life. As such, they believe it to be a


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