There are two types of products that can be downloaded:

1. Test Banks:

These are questions collected or prepared from every subject based on each textbook that is being displayed. Test banks can be used for exam or test preparation or for familiarizing with the subject in depth.

2. Solution Manuals:

As the name suggests these are collections of answers that are “Solutions” to the exercises that can be seen at the end of each chapter in the textbook that is displayed with the product. These can be of great assistance for your college assignments and homework as most professors base the tasks they assign on these questions.

You can use the solution for learning or teaching based on your role and purpose.

You cannot use any part of these documents to be placed in an assignment solution that you need to submit for your college or university as it is against the academic honesty policy.

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You will receive the product by email. All of our products are in digital format (.word files).

All this information is needed to ensure the completion of the payment. We do not divulge any information per our terms and privacy policy.

We have royalty and other payments at a fixed rate to be paid as a part of the amount you pay to the experts who prepare these solutions and other sources. So the cost cannot be changed except if mentioned so in case of offers.

After we successfully verify your payment we will send you your order into your E-mail Address. Please wait up to 24 hours to receive your order. Usually we send it within 6 hours.

Please note the edition of the book that you use and the one that is displayed here. We do not miss out any questions in the given book. The other possibility could be that you have purchased the “Test Bank” instead of a “Solution Manual”. In this case, you need to buy the solution manual for the given book.

Please check if you have the compatible software such as MS Word, WinZip or PDF in your PC or the device that you use. If you still have issues, please send an enquiry through the contact enquiry form so that we can assist you personally through E-mail.


What is very important to us is that you have all details about your textbook such as complete title, edition, author and ISBN. Honestly just ISBN works enough for us to address your request.
If the item you are looking for is listed in our website then please copy paste URL to us.If we already have listed a product in our store but you are looking for a latest edition, please let us know old or new ISBN.